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    To order your Rabies Tags, please fill out the General Information section as well as the appropriate Shape/Size Specific Information for the tags you wish to order then click the "Submit" button in the bottom left-hand corner of this page. You will be contacted by a sales representative to confirm your order.

    General Information required for all tag orders.
    Acct # (if known)
    Practice Name
    Mailing Address
    City  State  Zip 
    Phone Number
    Shipping Address
    (if different from billing) City  State  Zip 
    Contact Name
    Choose your tag shape/syle. The 2017 recommended tag is the Blue Aluminum Rosette and the 2018 recommended tag is the Orange Aluminum Oval, although requirements vary by state.
    Tag Metal:
    Aluminum (Standard) Stainless Steel  
    Tag Shape:
    Hearts (Red, if aluminum) Bells (Green, if aluminum) Ovals (Orange, if aluminum)
    Rosettes (Blue, if aluminum) Circles (Only Stainless) Diamonds (Only Stainless)
    Octagons (Only Stainless) Squares (Only Stainless)  
    Tag Size:
    Regular Mini
    Enter Quantity, Starting Number, Year Information and Tag Applicator Information:
    Quantity (Increments of 100):
    Starting Number (Max 6 Digits):
    Choose Year:
    None 2017 2018
    Choose Fastener:
    O-Rings S-Hooks
    Enter your tag information. Charts below and to the right list number of lines and maximum number of characters per line for each style. Text will be centered automatically.
    Line 1
    Line 2
    Line 3
    Line 4
    Line 5
    Characters Per Line Standard Characters Per Line Mini Characters Per Line Stainless