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    Breakables Clenz-A-Dent Rawhide Chews Med/Lg 15ct

    Uniquely designed to break-apart as a dog chews. Shredded pieces of rawhide are compressed, heat-dried, and enzyme-coated.  Contain the enzymes oxidase and lactoperoxidase, to help maintain the natural antibacterial system in the saliva. Abrasive action helps keep teeth clean and breath fresh.  Available in Petite, Small, Med/Lg and XL.

    iM3 Dental Mat 11.8" x 15.7"

    Reusable mat that can be used to drain liquids and chemicals away during a dental.  Can be used under animal's head, or as a surface for instruments.  Machine washable and reusable 50-100 times.

    Mirataz Transdermal Ointment 5gm Tube

    Transdermal mirtazapine ointment for cats.  The first FDA-approved transdermal medication for the management of weight loss in cats.

    Andover PawTape 1" Bx12

    A synthetic adhesive tape that delivers consistent support.

    • 33lb tensile strength
    • Crisp, easy hand-tear
    • Easy to apply
    • Uses: Immobilize wounded areas; Splinting, strapping and patient positioning; Hold other dressings in place; Protection and support
    Alfaxan Injection Multidose 10mg/ml 20ml

    Offers 28 days broached-vial use - Does not require refrigeration after opening - FDA-approved for dogs and cats!

    Practivet Syringe Pump

    Syringe pump that recognizes 5ml-60ml syringes from popular brands.  Features 5 infusion modes, dual processor, pole clamp and 6 hour battery life.