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    Breakables Clenz-A-Dent Rawhide Chews Med/Lg 15ct

    Uniquely designed to break-apart as a dog chews. Shredded pieces of rawhide are compressed, heat-dried, and enzyme-coated.  Contain the enzymes oxidase and lactoperoxidase, to help maintain the natural antibacterial system in the saliva. Abrasive action helps keep teeth clean and breath fresh.  Available in Petite, Small, Med/Lg and XL.

    Redonyl Ultra 100mg Soft Chews

    A hypoallergenic nutraceutical to support skin health.  Contains PEA-um (Ultra-micronized Palmitoylethanolamide).  Available in 100mg and 200mg soft chews.

    iM3 Dental Mat 11.8" x 15.7"

    Reusable mat that can be used to drain liquids and chemicals away during a dental.  Can be used under animal's head, or as a surface for instruments.  Machine washable and reusable 50-100 times.

    Bravecto Topical Dog 4.4-9.9lb

    Provides dogs up to 12 weeks of flea and tick protection in just one dose.  Longest lasting protection available in a topical solution - systemic 'nose-to-toes' protection.  Easy-to-dose Twist'n'Use™ applicator.  Available by veterinary prescription only!  Also available in 4 other weight ranges.

    Vetadryl 30mg Tabs 30ct

    Pet-specific formulation of diphenhydramine (Bendaryl®).  Liver-flavored tablet formulated in strengths specifically for dogs and cats, to minimize the risk of administering the incorrect amount. 

    Available in 10mg and 30mg flavored tablets for flexible dosing in 250ct or new 30ct bottles!

    VetScan FLEX4 Rapid Test Bx-25

    Delivers all the benefits of the single Rapid Tests in one simple package With four tests on one cassette, performing a comprehensive heartworm and tick panel has never been easier or more cost-effective.  Room temperature storage; One year shelf life; 8 minute results; Easy-to-read results

    Andover PawTape 1" Bx12

    A synthetic adhesive tape that delivers consistent support.

    • 33lb tensile strength
    • Crisp, easy hand-tear
    • Easy to apply
    • Uses: Immobilize wounded areas; Splinting, strapping and patient positioning; Hold other dressings in place; Protection and support
    Practivet Infusion Pump

    Compact and portable IV infusion pump.  Calibrate in clinic for accuracy.  WiFi connectivity.  Includes pole clamp and cage clip.

    Practivet Syringe Pump

    Syringe pump that recognizes 5ml-60ml syringes from popular brands.  Features 5 infusion modes, dual processor, pole clamp and 6 hour battery life.