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As a family-owned company we are focused on supporting the success of independently owned veterinary practices. We’re here to help! Whether you are renovating an existing practice or building a new hospital from the ground up, we have the experience to guide you and the tools to help. We’re in it for the long haul and plan on being here for you through every stage of your business when you need us.


At Penn Vet People Are Everything to Us


What We'reMade Of

The PEOPLE on our team have helped hundreds of veterinarians to open or expand their practices. This experience, combined with our experience in other areas, gives us a unique perspective on your project.


Areas of Experience:

  • Small Animal Practice

  • Inventory Management

  • Consulting

  • Pet Insurance

  • Sales

  • Customer Support

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Client Communications & Social Media Management

  • Graphic Design


Constantly Crafting Solutions with Your Success in Mind



We offer SOLUTIONS that work for your practice.


Financial Solutions

Customized to your situation and circumstances

Inventory Solutions

That help you maximize your savings without overstocking or overspending

Client Communications

Planning and graphic design

Purchase Analytics

To give you insight into your spending habits


Nothing Less than Quality & Consistent Service



Our SERVICE is second to none. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations with every interaction.


Dedicated Account Representatives

Full Promotion Management

No paperwork for you!

Easy-To-Use Online Ordering System

99.7% Order Accuracy


An Emphasis on Products that Will Meet Your Needs



PRODUCTS and partners that reinforce your client recommendations.


Safe & Effective

Our partners are well-vetted and reputable


We offer alternatives that bring greater profit to the practice


We prefer to work with companies who value the Veterinary-Client relationship


We expect our partners to support their products for our shared customers


It's Who We Know

We work with a variety of manufacturer partners to bring you lucrative offers that are exclusively available to new practice owners and expanding practices.

Learn More About These Offers Here

Everyday Practice Essentials & White Goods


Small & Large Equipment

Compounded Medications

Merck Animal Health

Featured Partner:

Merck Animal Health is our recommended manufacturer for vaccines, and flea, tick, and heartworm preventives. Merck’s pricing policy protects you from having your clients poached by online pet supply companies. They do not allow additional discounting by anyone, leveling the playing field and allowing veterinarians to compete with large volume online retailers.


Featured Merck Products:


Penn Vet Offers You Only The Best:


New & Expanding Practice Program with Penn Vet


Interested in learning more about how our New Business Team can help?

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