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View our 2nd Quarter 2024 issue of the Penn Connection

In this issue, we’re hitting on some key points for clinic and patient health. First up, we’ve got a rundown on the Five Essential Equipment Parts that you’ll be swapping out or tuning up regularly to keep your clinic running smooth. Next, we dive into Dog Anxiety Awareness Week, with tips on spotting and soothing anxious pups— super important for their overall health. 

Then, we’re talking Spring Derm & Otic Essentials, because we all know this season can be tough on pets’ skin and ears. And we wrap up with a quick look at Nobivac Lyme, the vaccine that’s a game-changer in preventing Lyme disease in dogs. This guide’s packed with practical advice to keep your practice and patients in top form!. 

View our 1st Quarter 2024 issue of the Penn Connection

Celebrate the new year with bioequivalents to help your practice grow profits, products to improve sustainability, and more. Enter to win a $500 C.E.T. home dental health prize from Virbac, get practice marketing tips from our quarterly calendar, and download free vaccination guides for dogs and cats. Plus read about how a Penn Vet customer grew their 30-year-old business and increased annual revenue by $63,500, and how a horse named Blue fully recovered from a traumatic injury that left veterinarians wondering if he would ever walk again with an innovative product. 

View our 2023 Equipment Issue of the Penn Connection

It’s that time again! Browse our featured equipment for 2023. See JPI’s latest imaging innovations, including their new DeteCT Vet 3-in-1 Mobile CT scanner – perfect for hospitals that want detailed imaging, but want to save space. Learn about petMAP’s pocket size multiparameter monitors, how to bring in-house diagnostics to hospitals of all sizes with MicroVet, Penn Vet’s new custom-designed quiet centrifuge, the latest lighting from Medical Illumination, and how to finance new equipment on terms that work for your practice with OnePlace Capital. 

View our 4th Quarter 2023 issue of the Penn Connection

Will your team be on the next Penn Connection cover? Enter our contest for a chance to be featured on the Q1 2024 edition. Just in time for equipment season, dive into understanding equipment tax deductions. Opening or expanding a practice soon? Learn the basics of new or expanding practice financing. Plus check out innovative products and equipment to level up your practice in 2024, how to get personalized marketing help for your hospital, our quarterly marketing calendar, and much more. 

View our 3rd Quarter 2023 issue of the Penn Connection

Can consumer shopping data help in your fight against heartworm and Lyme? And could endoscopy be the next step for your practice? Read this quarter’s issue of the Penn Connection to find out. Plus, enter to win a Swag Box from Aurora Pharmaceutical, browse essential spring & summer products, find out how treating separation anxiety could be life-changing and profitable, and more. 

View our 2nd Quarter 2023 issue of the Penn Connection

Can consumer shopping data help in your fight against heartworm and Lyme? And could endoscopy be the next step for your practice? Read this quarter’s issue of the Penn Connection to find out. Plus, enter to win a Swag Box from Aurora Pharmaceutical, browse essential spring & summer products, find out how treating separation anxiety could be life-changing and profitable, and more. 

View our 1st Quarter 2023 issue of the Penn Connection

Ready to take your practice to the next level in 2023? Check out this edition of the Penn Connection to get started! Win a deluxe practice marketing package, bring your team together with the True Colors team-building activity, simplify your practice management with our 6 solutions, and check out our marketing calendar to kickstart your social media presence in 2023. Explore dental x-ray solutions, expand your hospital’s personalized care with Premium Compounding, and get to know your My Penn Vet portal. Plus, check out what’s new in equine! Make 2023 your best year yet.

View our 2022 Equipment Issue of the Penn Connection

Ready for equipment season? We’re here to help. In this special edition of the Penn Connection, we’re highlighting our featured equipment for 2022. Explore the all-in-one Innovadent Dental Cart from MAI, the futuristic smart device ultrasound technology of Butterfly iQ+ Vet, easy-to-use pumps, monitors, and anesthesia devices to transform your surgical operations, and much more. Explore financing options that fit your unique needs through our partners at OnePlace Capital.

View our 4th Quarter 2022 issue of the Penn Connection

Another BIG Amazon gift card giveaway? Yes, plus 3 months of social media ideas, exciting new Penn Vet partners, and much more! Explore equipment financing strategies with OnePlace Capital. Enhance your hospital’s capabilities with cost-effective, space-efficient lab equipment from MicroVet. Read advice from our equipment specialists about 5 common equipment pieces that don’t get replaced or maintained enough. Enjoy the freedom of fully mobile ultrasound with Butterfly iQ+ Veterinary Ultrasound – just one probe with 4 functions for animals of all sizes that functions quickly and easily with iOS and Android devices.

View our 3rd Quarter 2022 issue of the Penn Connection

Hello, North Carolina! We have a new warehouse coming soon to Greensboro, NC, expanding our one-day shipping capabilities in the southeast. We’re also excited to share the latest data from real-world clinics that use VetShipRx to drastically increase their after-hours pharmacy sales. Win $500 worth of premium products from Standard Process, get introduced to newest partners like MicroVet, Bloxr, and more, and check out exciting veterinary technology, like a pill to treat lymphoma and non-antibacterial wound care. Join us in honoring our late co-worker and friend, Deanna Miller on page 15. The Penn Connection is now a quarterly publication.

View our May/June 2022 issue of the Penn Connection

We’re welcoming the summer sunshine with giveaways, promotions, and plenty of bright ideas to kick your marketing presence into full gear. Win $500 worth of Assis’s innovative Loop products, a non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive way to reduce inflammation, decrease pain, and enhance healing in soft tissue and bone. Explore our May/June marketing calendar with in-office and social media marketing prompts. Not sure where to get started with social media? Check out our 3 Simple & Impactful Social Media Tactics for Every Hospital. Explore promotions and innovations from Practivet, Dechra, our new partner BloxR, and more. And don't forget to thank your staff in a meaningful way with 7 Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Staff.

View our March/April 2022 issue of the Penn Connection

Hello, spring! The sun is on its way...and so are the pesky pests that come with it. In this edition, we're talking regional tick threats in 2022, as well as tips for increasing client preventive compliance. Check out our free list of marketing and promotional prompts for March and April, the return of Loxicom Oral Suspension by Norbrook, promotions on essential spring products like Vet-Kem by PRN, and free equine customer education resources. The Penn Vet staff celebrates World Veterinary Day with our favorite stories of dedicated veterinary professionals. Oh, and don't miss our $50 Amazon Gift Card giveaway!

View our January/February 2022 issue of the Penn Connection

Happy New Year from Penn Vet! This month, we’re focused on pet dental health with a $900 free dental equipment giveaway from Dentanomic (plus insight into making extractions easier with Dentanomic Dental Instruments), a look at Bionet’s ZEN-PX4 Vet wireless handheld dental x-ray system, and popular home health dental products like Enzadent & Dentahex, Perio Support Pro, C.E.T. VeggieDent FR3SH, and more. We’re looking forward to winter conferences at VMX (booth #1504) and Midwest (booths #205 & #207). Norbrook’s Carprieve Injection is coming back, so preorder today! Supercharge your 2022 with new services, including PetDesk communication optimization, VetShipRx pharmaceutical delivery, and Premium Compounding custom medications.

View our November/December 2021 issue of the Penn Connection

Holiday season? More like equipment season! Our newest and most advanced equipment is on display, as well as some excellent end-of-year equipment promotions (free laptop, anyone?) and exciting product highlights. Browse promotions on 3M Bair Hugger Warming Systems, Anifusion IV pumps, and Bionet digital X-rays and monitors, including the Vemo wireless monitor. Explore the advanced veterinary applications of fluoroscopy, otherwise known as live video X-ray, with the DynaVue 2-in-1 Digital X-ray System by JPI. Revolutionize your office management with PetDesk practice management software, a new Penn Vet partner that we’re absolutely head over heels for.

View our September/October 2021 issue of the Penn Connection

Throughout this edition of the Penn Connection, we hope you find detailed information on some of our newest, popular products. The Caiman by Aesculap is a multipurpose vessel sealing and cutting instrument. Imoxi Topical Solution, on page 6, is the new, generic equivalent to Advantage Multi from Vetoquinol. Also from Vetoquinol, Clevor ophthalmic solution is now available through Penn Vet. Clevor is the only FDA-approved emetic for dogs and is available in a patient-friendly ophthalmic drop. And, our new partnership with ExegiPharm brings you Visbiome Vet, a high-potency probiotic for pets. Visbiome supports a normal inflammatory response in the GI tract and helps maintain normal kidney function.

View our July/August 2021 issue of the Penn Connection

Penn Vet is turning 40! That's right, our 40-year anniversary is celebrated in this edition. Be sure to read an article by our President, Lita Miller on page 2, discussing our past, our defining moments, and our commitment to independent veterinarians. Also, during these Dog Days of Summer, you will find information on various products to support healthy dermatological conditions in dogs, cats, as well as fight common summer-time ear infections. Details on Dechra's Osurnia Otic, a 2-dose otitis externa therapy, can be found on page 4 and a comparative in vitro study of Vetoquinol's pH-notix is on page 9. And, if you haven't already heard, check out details of our new compounding service on page 13. Now, your compounding medications can be ordered on, along with your other inventory needs. You will be invoiced by Penn Vet with your normal billing terms; no need to set up another account!

View our May/June 2021 issue of the Penn Connection

This edition comes with warmer weather, more time outside, and a focus on overall pet health and wellness. Merck’s Nobivac Lyme vaccination is featured on page 5 with talking points for your clients around vaccine responses and a link to Merck’s Vaccination Journey handout. Be sure to check out the Feline Life Stage Guidelines recently released by AAHA and AAFP and download free copies of the Feline Life Stages Chart. June is also Equine Colic Awareness Month. An article and resources are provided on Pain Management in horses, as well as links to Merck’s Equine Promotion. Also look for product features focused on seasonal pet allergies such as Ocunovis BioHAnce Eye Drops, Osurnia , and GentaVet Topical Spray.

View our March/April 2021 issue of the Penn Connection

This edition celebrates Penn Vet's 40 year anniversary and marks our launch of equine products from Merck and other manufacturers! Also, we're supporting you with products, resources, and "Perfect Product Pairings" that focus on heartworm awareness and Lyme disease prevention. Don't miss the new pet owner parasiticide rebates available from Merck on page 5 and complete details on their Equine vaccines and pharmaceuticals on page 8 and 9. Details are also included in the American Heartworm Society's guidelines to prevention and treatment of heartworm disease in dogs, as well as CAPC data on tick borne diseases and heartworm disease.

View our January/Febuary 2021 issue of the Penn Connection

Welcome to 2021 with our latest edition focusing on Pet Dental Health! In this issue, you won't want to miss details on Virbac's new Intellident Cat Bites with an accompanying research article on their proven effectiveness. Also, look for great tips from our Equipment Specialist on integrating high end dental care in to your practice, just in time for February's Dental focus. Penn Vet is also eager to share some great advice on adapting your hospital to COVID during the cold, winter months, with insight from Animal Arts, an architectural design company specializing in veterinary practices.

View our November/December 2020 issue of the Penn Connection

In this edition, you’ll find several end-of-year equipment highlights, including attractive items from Medical Illumination, iM3, Midmark, Bionet, Jorgensen, and Olympic Veterinary. Complete details of Merck’s new Bravecto 1-MONTH Chews can be found on page 32 and Dechra’s popular Q4 promotion is detailed on page 21. Also, eCommerce gives all the info of our latest tools and improvements, providing you ways to save time and money, and access to important practice resources. Plus, be sure to check out page 7 for information on our partnership RDC to bring you radiation detection badges and the back cover for recommendations for using Medici Telemedicine to assist with your curbside appointments.

View our September/October 2020 issue of the Penn Connection

This issue highlights products that support the health of senior pets, including popular items from Virbac, Vetoquinol, Dechra, Nutramax, and Ceva.  New joint supportive products such as the KVP Balto Brace, InPrime Hip and Joint Supplement, and YOOS Collar, are detailed on our New and Noteworthy page.  Updates from Equipment arena include the new CTS-Duo Laser from Companion Laser Therapy with its innovative oncology application, the new multiparameter monitor from Midmark, and the Advanced Treatment Station from Olympic Veterinary.  And don’t miss our two page article providing you complete details, features, and benefits of  Be sure to check back in November for our special Equipment Edition!


View our July/August 2020 issue of the Penn Connection

This issue features educational articles on telemedicine, dermatology, and premium compounding. There a tons of great promotions you don't want to miss out on from Dechra, PRN, Vetoquinol, and Clinics Choice.

View our May/June 2020 issue of the Penn Connection.

This issue features educational articles on telemedicine, generic medications, and making a first impression on clients.  We highlight a few newer equipment items — Eko CORE Digital Stethoscopes, Dentanomics dental instruments, and the Vetcorder Pro handheld multiparameter monitor.  There also some featured promotions you don't want to miss out on from PRN, Dechra, Virbac, Nutramax, Petlink, and Vedco.  

View our March/April 2020 issue of the Penn Connection.

View our January/February 2020 issue of the Penn Connection.

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