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Dentanomic Full Set - Handles, Elevators, Luxators


Dentanomics dental instruments are a unique modular system allowing you to have superb quality at a reasonable price. 

  • Blades can be easily changed out, allowing you to have one handle and many blade options and also allowing for replacement of dull and/or damaged blades
  • Locking system prevents the blade from slipping or spinning, allowing it to behave and feel like a one-piece instrument
  • Handles feature an ergonomic design that promotes safe palm grip and reduces hand fatigue
  • Regular handles are perfectly balanced and sized for surgeons with hands up to 7.5 glove size.  The long handles are sized and balanced for those with hands larger than 7.5

Includes 3 small handles, all elevator blades and all luxator blades

  • Green handle

  • Pink handle

  • Blue handle

  • Winged elevator tip 2mm

  • Winged elevator tip 3mm

  • Winged elevator tip 4mm

  • Winged elevator tip 5mm

  • Luxator tip 1.5mm

  • Luxator tip 2mm

  • Luxator tip 3mm

  • Luxator tip 4mm

  • Luxator tip 5mm

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