Radiation Badge Program from RDC

Penn Vet offers an X-Ray Dosimetry Badge Program from Radiation Detection Company to provide you with safety and savings.

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RDC Radiation Badge Subscription Program


Penn Vet offers a price-competitive x-ray badge program for your practice. We partner with Radiation Detection Company to bring you this service. RDC is a respected provider of dosimetry services and they use industry standard TLD badges to ensure your safety. Standard badges are available with monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly reporting periods. Quarterly is most popular, with monthly being required for members of your team who may be pregnant.

Our program is subscription-based. Badges will be auto-shipped at your designated interval(s) and you will also receive the necessary materials to ship your used badges back to RDC. Payment for the service will be managed by and made through Penn Veterinary Supply.


Program Pricing:


$9.68 per badge


$7.98 per badge


$6.99 per badge

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Why Subscribe Through Penn Vet ?


Safety of Your Staff

Our partner has offered high-quality radiation monitoring dosimeters to the Healthcare, Veterinary, Dental, Education, Government, and Energy Industries for nearly 70 years

Save Time

Once you are signed up, your badges and badge return materials are auto-shipped for your convenience. Our system is the 'set it and forget it' of x-ray dosimetry.

Save Money

Depending on the size of your staff, x-ray badges can add up to a substantial annual cost. Our program offers you competitive pricing and NO hidden fees.

It's Simple

Provide some information on a couple online forms and you will be ready to roll in minutes! We offer the convenience of paying by the standard payment terms on your Penn Vet account. COD customers will be asked to choose an alternative method of payment.


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