MicroClave Vial Adaptors Multi-dose


MicroClave Multi-dose Vial Adapter Needle free access to multi-dose medication vials. Cannot use needles with product - reduces risk of accidental needle sticks. Closed fluid pathway - reduces risk of contamination and patient infection due to repeat needle sticks to the port. 0.05ml deadspace in connector - reduces risk of catheter occlusion by reducting flashback in the hub. Closed sealing mechanism - reduces leaking of fluids, blood, and medication. Reduces cost - eliminates use of needles, tape, caps, and other connection devices. For needle free aspiration of drug from multi-dose drug vials and needle free mixing of drug solutions in multi-dose vials. Keep rubber stopper on vial intact reducing risk of contamination to contents of vial. Reduces risk of contents leaking from vial.

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