Vcheck 2400 Analyzer

Bionote Vcheck V2400 Analyzer


Bionote's Vcheck V2400 analyzer for veterinary fluorescence immunoassay can help point-of-care testing for various biomarkers, in-house at larger patient care facilities. It provides quantitative measurement of biomarker concentration in serum, plasma and whole blood delivered for analysis via Vcheck’s test strips for 12 biomarkers. As a multiple test analyzer, the V2400 can be used as a complement to your point of care lab for time-saving diagnosis and faster initiation of treatment plans along with significant cost savings per test. Vcheck is proven to be reliable, providing precise results rapidly.

  • Model: Vcheck V2400
  • Test Capacity: 24 tests at once / 70 tests per hour
  • Power: AC/DC Adapter
  • Display: 10" Color Touch Screen
  • Printer: Built-in
  • Connectivity: HLV v2.6(PCD-01) / POCT1-A
  • Dimensions: 20" wide x 22" deep x 11.6" high
  • Weight: 40 lbs.

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