CryoIQ PRO Cryosurgical Kit with 2 Tips


The compact, portable CryoIQ® hand-held device uses Nitrous Oxide cartridges as a cryogen with a freezing temperature of -89°C/-127°F and once punctured the Nitrous Oxide is delivered with a 50 bar (725psi) pressure to the lesion which allows the veterinarian a fast and effective treatment.

The CryoIQ® allows you to control the width and depth of the treatment area by using different types of applicators. For every 5 seconds of treatment the skin will be penetrated 1mm in depth, 5mm max.  

This kit comes with:
  • 1 standard tip- spray freezing -1-6mm
  • 1 dermatology tip (D2), spray freezing -7-18mm
  • 1 PRO body with lever
  • 1 gas cartridge N2O 25 gram 
  • 1 freeze limiter
  • 1 case for storage
  • 1 user guide 

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