Dentalaire DC Complete -Digital X-ray System


Dentalaire DC stands out from the competition, thanks to the full-size LCD display , large easy to distinguish buttons and ergonomic modern design. You can select the kV and time settings of your choice or choose from the pre-programmed techniques. The positioning arm is constructed entirely of aluminum using the highest international grade tolerances, frictionless joints and a precision braking system to ensure the tube rests where you place it.

  • Graphical user interface allows for simple system settings
  • Hi-frequency DC technology provides shorter exposure times and reduced dose
  • Adjustable  kVp for maximum contrast adjustment
  • Veterinary specific selections including exotic and extremity
  • 0.4 mm focal spot (smallest in the industry) provides higher resolution images
  • Touch Screen can be mounted externally 
  • Standard, short or long extension arm option to meet your requirements
  • Long reach arm with frictionless joints and a precision braking system
  • Optional onsite installation

Available as a wall mount or mobile unit.

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