IR Tablet 640 Thermal Imaging Camera with Software


Digatherm IR Tablet was developed for superior image accuracy and viewing ease. The large HD viewing screen makes the patient picture easy to understand and excellent to show a client. The automatic software updates allows your camera to stay current as any updates are released. Your investment will be picture perfect.  Digatherm units are made in the US and are a FDA 510k medical cleared device. The one-step camera allows instant download to surface tablet PC for the easiest way to store, email and view images. Accuracy of +/- 1 degree Celsius.

The IR Tablet 640 is designed for the highest resolution to see clearly.  It features 307,200 points of temperature allowing for most reference of patient symmetry.  


  • Vanadium Oxide Detector
  • 17um FPA (VOx) 640X480 Pixel Array
  • 7um-14um Spectral Response
  • 50 degree Manual Focus Lens
  • 30Hz Frame Rate
  • Built in Shutter
  • 14 Bit Dynamic Range
  • <50mk Thermal Sensitivity
  • -40C to 80C Oper. Range
  • +/- 1C Accuracy
  • 75G/4G Shock/Vibration
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