Gel-50 50mg Syringe 2.5ml 20mg/ml Hyaluronate Gel


Gel-50 is a sterile visco-elastic lubricant solution containing 50mg/2.5ml of medical grade Hyaluronate Sodium. The average relative molecular weight of Gel-50 is 1.5 millon Dalton. Gel-50 is indicated for use as a Sterile Lubricant solution for lubricating probes, catheters, cannulas and surgical instruments. Each ml contains 20mg Hyaluronate Sodium, 8mg NaCI, 1.3mg Na2HPO4 x 12 H2O, 0.06mg Citric Acid x H2O, pH 6.8-7.6. Store at room temperature. For use in horses.

6 single dose 2.5 ml syringes 

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