Vet Surgi-Form Positioner - Set of 3


The Surgi-Form Positioner places the patient in the exact posture positions required for different procedures and radiology. The surgical patient can be clipped and prepped then transported to the surgery suite in the Surgi-Form Positioner.

  • Radiology: For hands-off radiolucent and terrific aid in proper positioning or alignment in OFA studies.
  • Patient Comfort: Positioner contours to body shape and gives support where needed which is more comfortable for the patient.
  • Easy to Clean: Made of durable molded Block ABS plastic that can easily wipe or disinfect clean.
  • Lasting Seemingly Forever: Many clinic have used the Surgi-Form everyday for 25 years.
  • Secure and Adjustable: Velcro straps hold patient in position while easily adjusting

Set of all 3 Positioners includes:

  • Small Feline and Small Canine-27" Long
  • Medium Canine-30" Long
  • Large Canine-38" Long
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