ProRX Disc Pill Cutter


Veterinary clinics prescribe a wide variety of pill or tablet sizes and shapes. Often they require splitting or cutting the pill for smaller patients. Conventional pill cutters use a ā€˜Vā€™ shaped trough in a one size fits all design that can give a poor and inconsistent cut.

The ProRX Disc pill cutter uses a rotating round disc molded with varying pill/tablet shapes to customize the pill cutter to the actual pill or tablet being cut.

  • Double sided rotor has 18 different pill configurations from large to challenging small tablets
  • Safety: blade retracts when the lid is open
  • Curved blade design slices across the pill surface uniformly for a more precise cut
  • Rotor: change pill shape by lifting and rotating proper pill shape cavity below blade
  • Clear lid allows visualization of cutting
  • Open over cutting area: turn over to release pills
  • Heavier design works better with larger tablets
  • Easy cleaning disc rotor can be removed
  • Clear storage cup for holding cut tablets
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