Caiman Forceps 360mm Length Non-Articulating


Caiman is intended to be used as a multipurpose vessel sealing and cutting instrument in laparoscopic, thorascopic, and open surgery. The Caiman uses a radio frequency generator connected via an electric cord to an all-in-one instrument that will safely seal, cauterize and cut soft tissue.

  • Plug and play - Easy and safe to use.
  • Long jaw tip - Enlarged vessel sealing length and improved surgical efficiency.
  • Tip first closure - Retains tissues within the jaws for improved compression.
  • Uniform tissue compression - Leads to consistent sealing quality from distal to proximal tip.
  • One seal confidence - State of the art vessel sealing with only one step energy activation.

Caiman instruments seal vessels and vessel bundles up to 7mm in diameter and feature an average thermal spread <1mm. Effectively seals with virtually no adhesion or charring. The Caiman takes care of temperature, pressure and time of sealing.

Caiman instrument non-articulating  260mm total length, 5mm shaft

Works with the Caiman Aesculp Lektrafuse HF Generator

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