MiniVid Camera 5MP Super Fast


The MiniVID is our best-selling camera for microscopy, which includes software for capturing high-resolution 5.1mp digital images and digital video clips. Choose from 2 models: USB2.0 (best seller and most affordable), or USB3.0 (faster frame rate through faster USB port). Works on nearly any brand of binocular mi- croscope through the eyetube, or on any trinocular microscope via C-mount threading!
– Includes PC / windows and MAC compatible software
– Captures images for training, or emailing, or documenting in client records
– Client education: allows comparison of normal versus abnormal cases (i.e. semen
– Camera will also thread onto trinocular C-mount
– Measuring tools

MiniVID 5.1mp USB3.0 Digital Eyepiece & C-mount Camera – Very fast frame rate (must have newer computer with USB3.0 “blue” port)

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