Laser Ceramic Tip 10mm x 0.2mm - Super Small


Laser Consumable or Replacement Parts for use with the AccuVet LX-20 CO2 Laser System. JorVet offers these commonly needed parts for the operation of the CO2 Laser. These parts are warranted to be identical in quality to any factory part, are shipped non-sterile and can be repeatedly re-sterilized. All laser tips are compatible with Lumenis/Luxar LX-20 Handpieces and the AesculightTM/LuxarCareTM, LightScapelTM handpieces.

The recently introduced “T-Series” offers a vastly improved ceramic tip which employs a non-stick coating. The coating significantly reduces spatter buildup on the outside and inside of the tip, resulting in cleaner cutting and less tissue charring. The color-coded non-stick coating on the distal tip provides:
– Positive tip size identification
– Easier to clean surfaces
– Full insertion indication
– Can be repeatedly autoclaved.

Ceramic Laser Tip. 10mm long x 0.2mm spot size (equivalent to Luxar metal tips LXT-010XSS). Smallest spot size available. Offers the ability to do very narrow incisions and with increased power density. Handles higher powers than metal tips. 1/pk. (Two green stripes indicates 0.2mm spot size.)

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