Central Scavenger System


Scavenging Simplified! The Midmark Central Scavenger—one less thing to worry about in your clinic.

Keep your mind free to focus on caring for your patients, not on scavenging excess anesthetic gas. The Midmark Central Scavenger safely removes waste gas from your clinic without the cost or hassle of charcoal canister replacement.

  • Replace charcoal canisters forever with an active gas scavenging system that quietly and consistently keeps you safe
  • Scavenge waste gas from up to 4 anesthesia machines
  • Easily expand the system to cover up to 12 anesthesia machines without significant expense
  • Keep your clinic neat and tidy without bulky interface devices attached to the anesthesia machines
  • Simple installation process and flexible design ensures your scavenging system will be successfully installed
  • Unparalleled service and support to give you peace of mind
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