Olympic Ultrasound Table


This is the first height adjustable table designed especially for veterinary ultrasound. It incorporates several unique features to help improve imaging in any patient position – dorsal or lateral – and to enhance comfort for the operator and assistant.

With the electric lift you can adjust the table height for perfect presentation of both large and small animals and to minimize physical strain for the operator during long scans. Two adjustable gel pad armrests add to operator comfort.

A heavy-duty swing arm can support your portable ultrasound machine so you can position it at your fingertips to save time. Three probes can be conveniently stored on this same swing arm, and the arm pushes out of the way when you are setting up the patient.

The Olympic table has two special cutouts in the transparent top that provide access for echocardiography, and the transparent top makes probe positioning easier and more certain. The cutout has covers that can be used when smaller animals are positioned near the side of the table.

The Olympic Ultrasound Table saves time on every scan and reduces the threat of repetitive motion injury for the operator. It rolls easily where needed and will serve your growing ultrasound practice for years to come.

Dimensions: Top surface 26"x48"

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