Pavia Rectal Thermometer


The Pavia Rectal thermometer takes accurate rectal temp in just 6 seconds. The accuracy range is +/- 0.2 degrees F. The accuracy parameters for other thermometer manufactureres are +/- 0.5 degrees F. SPECIFICATIONS: 90 day warranty, Accurate reading in 6 seconds, No icons to scroll through, Accuracy to +/- 0.2 degrees, Four digit LCD display, Hand held cordless operation, Operates on 2 AAA batteries, Extra large probe tip, Low battery indicator, Easily cleaned with alcohol No probe covers to buy, Can be used in equine practices, Manual or automatic 60 second shut-off, Last temp recorded in memory, Temp range 89.6 degrees F - 107.6 degrees F, Outside working air temp of 41 degrees F to 107.6 degrees F.

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