1500ml Suction Cannister


The snap-on lid is easy to attach to the canister and virtually impossible to remove, and
the audible “snap” gives clear confirmation that the lid is properly sealed and secure.

With a unique DISS connection, Allied canisters can be attached directly to most portable
floor suction units and all wall suction regulators in the OR, ER, ICU and CCU departments.
This helps eliminate excess tubing and potentially troublesome wall brackets.

A filter located in the lid is designed to enhance performance over mechanical float systems.
The filter design and self-sealing material improve flow 20%. When the filter comes into
contact with moisture, it immediately stops flow from the patient and prevents fluids from
entering the system.

Built-in tubing hooks in the lid eliminate the need to wrap excess tubing around the regulator,
preventing kinks and occlusions. Caps for all ports are attached to the lid for convenience in
sealing the canister after use.

The canister label provides accurate, easy-to-read calibrations and an enlarged area in which
to write patient information

Sold as an individual 1500ml cannister.

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