Allergroom Shampoo

Allergroom Shampoo now has Glycotechnology a patented technology that keeps bacterial and yeast from adhering to skin. Allergroom Shampoo is a moisturing, hypo-allergenic shampoo designed for frequent use on dry skin in cats, dogs, and horses of any age. It is gentle, soap-free and anti-seborrheic. Glycotechnology gives pets an extra coat of protection in two ways: As an anti-adhesive, using structural sugars to keep bacteria and yeast from adhering to the skin. If they can't stick, they can't reproduce and colonize. As an anti-irritant helping to reduce inflammation, keeping pets more comfortable and less itchy. This protective coat helps skin to heal faster, keeps skin healthier and reduces the severity of infections associated with allergic dermatitis.

Available in 16oz and 8oz bottles.

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