Tom Tiddle Cat Catheters

Designed with advanced features and multiple size and end hole options, Tom Tiddle™ is available in both short and long-term use options in the treatment of FLUTD or flushing in cats.  Each single-use catheter is packed sterile in a clearly marked colour card box.  Within the box, a Millpack™ sterilsation pouch is used providing ultimate pack safety and sterility whilst in storage.  Each Tom Tiddle™ catheter is covered with a sheath to maintain sterility during insertion.  Each pack also includes a sachet of sterile Vet-Lubigel™Cathlube to assist glide during insertion, minimising trauma, maximising comfort for your patient.  Ease of insertion and feel is provided by the easy-grip and feel hub connected to the stylet, the same hub as used on the traditional Anicath™ IV catheter to guide the tube gently down the urethra to the bladder.

Available in 6 sizes.

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