Safe-Seal Endotracheal Tubes

The new SAFE-SEAL ENDO Tube utilizes a series of silicone baffles to replace the inflation cu. It eliminates the risks of over inflation, under inflation and leaky tubes. The soft, flexible baffles seal the trachea without pressure and cleanses the trachea of all fluids upon extubation.

Only 5 sizes of tubes are necessary for dogs weighing 10 to 200 pounds. The ET tube’s one piece construction of medical grade silicone is autoclavable.

Contains one of each:

X-Small Tube Fits 7-25 lbs

Small Tube Fits 7-25lbs

Medium Tube Fits 26-60lbs

Medium/Large Tube Fits 40-60lbs

Large Tube Fits 61-100+ lbs

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