Humid Vents

Humidification Management Exchanger (HME).
In human anesthesia the prevention of moisture and heat loss is a critical consideration. The smaller patient is especially a concern because hypothermia is more likely to occur. Humidification management exchangers are routinely used in human anesthesia.
Veterinarians are starting to recognize the value of these products and make them part of their anesthetic regime.
The Humid-Vent is a compact connector that is a heat and moisture exchanger. They are placed in the breathing circuit between the “Y” piece (or “T” piece for non-rebreathing) and the endotracheal tube. Inside the connector is a special medium consisting of hygroscopic, naturally absorbent microwell paper. The Humid-Vent can be used up to 24 hours. After 24 hours they lose their effectiveness and must be replaced. In veterinary use they are typically replaced weekly. 5/box

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