Miltex Winged Dental Elevators

Winged Dental Elevators are designed to ease the extraction process and provides the Veterinarian with instrumentation that meets diverse clinical needs. These Elevators feature shorter handles that allow for a closer grip of the working tip, improving instrument control and comfort for the clinician. The narrow neck enhances visibility and the gradual tapered blade allows for easy insertion into the periodontal ligament, or PDL space, be- tween the tooth and its supporting alveolus bone. The winged blades are specifically shaped to improve instrument ad- aptation to the root structure, improving instrument control When the instruments are used in a side-to side rocking/ twisting motion, the winged blades provide additional le- verage, especially when used between teeth in the inter- dental space. The winged blades will hook under the buccal bulge, improving the angle of direction in order to lift the tooth and root.

Available in multiple sizes.

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