Anxitaine Chew Tabs

Anxitane chewable tabs are a clinically proven, extremely palatable, first intention product for the treatment of mild to moderate anxieties in dogs and cats. The main ingredient is L-theanine, found naturally in green tea whose calming properties are well documented. Please see product insert for additional information.

Two sizes are avaiable. Small 50 mg 30 count bottles for cats and dogs weighing less than 22lb. Administer 1/2 tablet twice daily. 100 mg 30 count bottles for dogs weighing 22.1 lbs or more. 22.1-55 lbs, 1/2 tab twice daily. Over 55.1 lb, 1 tab twice daily. 

Package: Sold by the individual bottle, there are 12 bottles of each size per case.

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