pH-notix Ear Cleaner/Wax Remover 4oz


Innovation for the management and support of healthy ears in dogs.

  • Advanced Ceruminolytic Action
    • Unique triple action formula – Three ceruminolytic agents work in synergy for the most efficient dissolution of cerumen.
    • ETHOXYDIGLYCOL – lysing action disrupts the integrity of earwax
    • CAPRIC GLYCERIDES – emulsifies debris to expedite the cleaning process
    • ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL – emulsifier and astringent expedites the cleaning process
  • Sebum Regulation & Restoration of Skin Acid Mantle
    • Exclusive Lipacides in pH•notix™ support sebum regulation and balance in the ear.
    • CAPRYLOYL GLYCINE - modulatory effect on 5 α-reductase for sebum regulation - restores the skin’s “acid mantle”
    • UNDECYLENOYL GLYCINE - limits proliferation of microorganisms that promote sebum production and helps restore the balance of cutaneous flora
  • Moisturizing & Soothing
    • pH•notix™ contains agents that work to soothe and moisturize the ear canal.
    • GLYCERIN – increases hydration of the stratum corneum
    • CALENDULA – contains anti-inflammatory compounds (triterpenoids and glycosides) to soothe the ear canal
  • Neutral pH
    • TROMETHAMINE – serves as a neutralizing base for pH•notix™ Will not interfere with topical ear medications
  • Preservative & Paraben Free

Indicated to clean and help remove wax from the ears of cats and dogs as part of a routine hygiene program. For the maintenance of healthy ears. 

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