Setting a higher standard to service the veterinary profession.

Penn Veterinary Supply was created in 1981 with veterinarians in mind. Rich Sexton worked as a distributor sales representative and he believed there was a better way to provide product to the veterinary profession, as well as many needs that were not being met, or even considered.  Penn Veterinary Supply was born out of that belief and this belief remains at the core of everything we do.  We simply believe it's the way it should be done. 

Choosing Penn Vet means you've chosen a FAMILY-OWNED BUSINESS versus a corporately-owned one.  You've chosen to work with a company that makes decisions based on what we know is right and best for our customers, not solely based on our bottom line.  We answer to you; Not shareholders.

Choosing Penn Vet means you've chosen CHOICE OVER SELECTION.  It may sound like those are the same thing, but we look at it differently.  We offer you choices you may not get from other companies.  When a company carries everything, there isn't a lot of motivation to offer you alternatives.  If you are already buying a high-priced product that lines their pockets with commission, they may not be quick to tell you when a new, money-saving alternative hits the market.  We always will.  It's just that simple.  We may not carry every product on the market, but we offer you choices and alternatives that will save your practice money without sacrificing quality. 

Choosing Penn Vet means you've chosen a TRUE PARTNER.  Our company has grown one loyal customer at a time.  We are interested in being a vital part of your practice's success and growth over the years.  We choose manufacturer and service partners who share this passion and we work to innovate our own processes and policies with this in mind.  We are always looking for unique ways to help your practice stretch your budget while maximizing your efficiency and minimizing time spent on inventory management. 

We proudly remain a family-owned business, with services that make our customers feel like family.

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Prescription compounding with Premium Compounding

We work with Premium Compounding out of Decatur, Alabama to bring you quality custom-compounded medications at a reasonable price.  Look for the mortar and pestle symbol as you browse our products to indicate a compounded medication.  If you don't see what you're after, you can always contact us.

Though we're headquartered in Lancaster, PA, Penn Vet currently ships from three different warehouse locations.

Lancaster, PA

Grand Rapids, MI

Jacksonville, FL

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