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How 2 Real-World Practices Increased Efficiency with PetDesk
Published on 1/12/23

If efficiency is on your list of resolutions for 2023, check out these two case studies from our service partners at PetDesk.

Healthy Immune Function in Companion Animals
Published on 11/28/22

A balanced nutritional plan is critical for an animal’s healthy immune system response. Curb the effects of immune stressors.

4 Ways to Make Equipment Purchasing Easier in 2022
Published on 11/15/22

Equipment season has arrived! While this time of year undoubtedly brings excitement and anticipation to your hospital (I mean, who doesn’t like new stuff?), making equipment decisions can be confusing, overwhelming, and downright exhausting.

Treating Separation Anxiety: Life-Changing and Profitable
Published on 8/24/22

Separation anxiety is frequently misdiagnosed or missed altogether, in part because we as vets don’t ask whether their dog is experiencing symptoms – we wait for the client to ask us.

After-Hours Ordering and Home Delivery are Transforming In-House Pharmacy Sales
Published on 7/8/22

Hospitals are revamping their pharmacy game with new technology that facilitates after-hours ordering, automated payment requests, reminders, and more, leading to a 10-15% increase in pharmacy sales in the first month.

Help Clients Keep Pets Safe This July 4th
Published on 6/24/22

Help educate your clients of the importance of Independence Day pet safety with this collection of sharable social media resources.

7 Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Staff
Published on 6/6/22

It’s easy to take staff for granted. You’re all so busy caring for animals that it’s hard to find time to show your staff how much they mean to you! In partnership with IVPA

Tick Season Regional Roundup
Published on 3/3/22

Tick-borne diseases have been found in every state, but evaluating the risk on a dog by region is extremely beneficial in helping owners understand the threat.

Do you want dental extractions to be easier?
Published on 2/14/22

Do you know the feeling of working away at a tooth for what seems like hours, never knowing when it will loosen or snap? You need to think about making the anatomy of the tooth work in your favor.

Tools to Streamline Your Practice in 2022
Published on 12/30/21

Supercharge your practice in 2022 with our best lineup of services ever.

Treating Tumors: How The Game Has Changed
Published on 11/12/21

Examining the effectiveness and clinical applications of an injection to treat mast cell tumors from start to finish with no surgery or stitches.

Don't Horse Around with Osteoarthritis!
Published on 9/29/21

It's best to be proactive against equine OA, but what steps should be taken to do so?

Increasing Feline Visits This Fall
Published on 8/30/21

Fall is prime time for feline how do you actually get people to bring them in for a visit?

3 Simple (and Impactful) Social Media Tactics For Every Hospital
Published on 6/17/21

Social media can sometimes feel like a frivolous, optional, time-wasting pursuit in a busy clinic...but are you missing out on an important (and easy) business tactic?

"Hot Spot" Season: Tackling Acute Moist Dermatitis
Published on 6/3/21

Summer? We know it as "hot spot" season....Causes, symptoms, & the most effective short-term and long-term treatments.

Helping Dogs and Cats Relax Naturally with ProQuiet
Published on 5/13/21

Proven safe and effective in three separate studies, ProQuiet could be a great all-natural option for pets experiencing anxiety - including separation anxiety!

Animal Behavior in a Post-COVID World
Published on 5/5/21

The end of the pandemic will bring new challenges in the veterinary field. Find out what those challenges are and how you can address them!

10 Answers To Common Questions About Veterinary Compounding
Published on 4/9/21

Find out all the important info you need to know about veterinary compounding!

Monitoring ETCO2 and Anesthetic Gas in the Companion Animal Clinic
Published on 3/31/21

Monitoring within veterinary medicine has made several leaps and bounds throughout the past 20 years. Arguably the most significant achievements in surgical monitoring have been within the scope of measuring clinically significant gas exchange, specifically pulse oximetry and capnography.

Are Fido and Fluffy in Pain? Unravelling the mystery of pain assessment
Published on 11/17/20

Every day, veterinarians are faced with this fact; our patients are in pain. The identification and treatment of pain in our patients is key to their longevity and quality of life.

Autumn Pet Safety
Published on 10/19/20

Can you smell the pumpkin spice in the air? As the seasonal changes begin to happen around us, there are a few things we should keep in mind to ensure our furry friends stay happy, safe, and healthy this fall.

The Quest for Hidden Savings: All the Small Things
Published on 6/12/20

In the second installment of The Quest for Hidden Savings, let us be your guide for experiencing big savings on the small things you purchase for your practice.

The Quest for Hidden Savings: Concentrate and Distill
Published on 5/27/20

In the first part in The Quest for Hidden Savings series we talk about equipment that may require an initial investment, but will save you money in the long run by allowing you to generate your own O2 and distilled water.

When the New Normal Ends - Preparing for Pet Stress and Anxiety
Published on 5/12/20

With the COVID-19 pandemic, most pets and their owners have had to get use to a new normal. But what happens when that new normal ends and pet owners begin going back to work, school, and socializing? Prepare your clients how to deal with pet stress and anxiety!

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