Bickford Mobile Anesthesia Machine with Double E-Tank Yoke Block


Anesthesia Machine Features

  • Cast aluminum base with brushed and buff polished finish. 
  • Mounted on 3" ball bearing casters, 2 with brakes, 28" diagonal wheel base.
  • Table top is solid aluminum plate, 13" square, bolted to the base through a 3" diameter chromed steel column.
  • All components are mounted to the table top, including the back-bar or lab-rack, which mounts the flowmeters and vaporizers.
  • Left front corner is fitted with an aluminum pole for mounting the CO2 absorber close to the patient location with adjustable height provided. The SUPERSORBER™, CO2 absorber is standard and included in all models except model 61010. (Supersorber features described, below.)
  • Also mounted at the left front corner is the common outlet and the oxygen flush valve module.
  • Flowmeters are individual modules equipped with precision needle valves, etched scale, ribbed glass flowmeter tubes, protected and mounted in forged aluminum housings.
  • Cylinder yokes are rear mounted and each is directly connected to the high pressure regulator port.
  • On models equipped with 2 gases (O2 & N2O), a “fail safe” device is provided which cuts off N2O in the event that O2 pressure fails.
  • All models provide D.I.S.S. connections for external gas supplies.
  • Dual "E" Yoke Tank
  • All controls, gauges, flowmeters, vaporizers, etc. are visible and accessible from the front of the anesthesia machine at eye level.
  • 5 year warranty and comes fully assembled

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