Trinoc Infinity Labscope


Infinity Labscope. This model has a beautiful design with a number of important features.

  • Infinity optics usually found only on very expensive microscopes. Best optical system for highest clarity and resolution.
  • LED illumination: gives bright almost daylight illumination with very long-lasting bulb, with cool temperature
  • 4 semiplan objectives, flat field across 95% of your view
  • 10x/20 super-wide eyepieces to see more of the specimen at each magnification power.
  • Ergonomic design – can rest your arms and hands flat on the table with all controls in easy reach.
  • Optional 50x oil infinity objective – the highest resolution objective available, which doubles the view of the 100x oil for faster scanning and counting.

Infinity Labscope with trinocular head. Preferred microscope for use with OmniVid camera.

i4 Infinity
Head: Trinoc
Objectives: Infinity S-PLAN 4-10-40-100
Features: High res, flat-field, LED light, camera attachment
Applications: Clinical LAB – urine, fecal, blood, routine cytology

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