MX5 Digital Centrifuge with Swing-Out Bucket Rotor & 24-Place 3-10ml Test Tube Inserts


Horizontal separation offers many advantages over traditional fixed-angle separations, including tighter straight-line gel separations to reduce re-spins and re-mixes.  The MX5 Centrifuge spins test tubes, up to 17.5 x 128mm, at speeds up to 5,000 rpm, with microprocessor speed control.  G-forces up to 4,220g's will produce platelet-poor plasma in minutes.  The digital menu is simple-to-use and the digital interface ensures accurate processing.  The zero-rpm interlocking lid will stay locked until the rotor has come to a stop, to ensure safety.  The all-metal rotors and tube shields are built for strength and durability, and the wide-mouth metal bowl allows for easy cleanup.  The whisper-quiet heavy-duty brushless DC motor can handle high volume use and high-speed full loads for years to come.  


  • 9 programmable settings
  • Digital rotor selection
  • Ability to display rpm and g-force
  • High-strength aluminum body
  • Adjustable acceleration and braking 
  • Straight-line separation for accurate processing reduces high potassium results
  • Tighter gel line reduces re-mixing and re-spins
  • Very high g-forces for fast separation
  • Fast and accurate veterinary fecal flotations
  • Platelet-poor plasma in minutes
  • 1 year warranty

Design Features:

  • LCD display
  • Rubber feet to prevent slipping
  • Impact-resistant lid
  • Zero-rpm interlocking lid
  • Large opening for easy clean-up
  • Metal rotor and tube shields
  • Cooler chamber for cooler samples
  • Includes four, 6-place test tube inserts
  • Spins 24, 3mm-10ml blood test tubes
  • Spins 8x 15ml conical urine tubes

Applications: blood, urine, swing-out fecal

Dimensions: 11.5"H x 16.5"L x 16"W 38.25lbs

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