Optical Eyetube Adaptor


MiniVid WiFi Microscope Camera. The MiniVID WiFi 5MP camera is an incredible new high-tech addition to our camera line that will impress clients, improve training, and create a microscope image history for each patient. It can be mounted to nearly any brand or type of microscope with trinocular C-mount, or inserted into one eye-tube of a binocular head using the optional eyetube adapter. Connect to any iOS device (iPhone/iPad) or Android phone/tablet through the “Ucam” app. Additionally, the MiniVID WiFi can be utilized with the included software for all PCs. The MiniVID WiFi has many different applications, but is best suited for training techs, educating clients, emailing questionable cases to the lab, and documenting microscope images and videos into client management software.
– Take the microscope image to the client, not the client to the microscope
– Best of both: High resolution and fast frame rates
– Stream live images to multiple deviceds at the same time
– Built-in rechargeable batteries for true wireless imaging

Optional Optical Eyetube Adapter to allow camera to insert into binocular eyetube

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