CTS-DUO Introduction

CTS-DUO Therapy Laser


The dual function laser offers photobiomodulation treatments (for pain and inflammatioons) and photothermal abalation therapy for removal of certain low-grade mass cell tumors. Equipped with the Empower-IQ and XL Deep Tissue Applicator, to more effectively treat deep, chronic conditions with higher irradiance.


  • Enhanced photobiomodulation treatment protocols
  • Empower IQ, provides haptic and visual feedback to guide proper dosing technique
  • 5 application- specific treatment attachments
  • Patient Tracker, easily save and repeat treatments
  • Dosing solutions for every patient
  • SmatCoat Plus Technology, easily dose common conditions
  • Species- Specific Protocols, canine, feline, equine, and exotics
  • Reports, track usage
  • Built-In Videos, training and client education tools
  • Touch-screen operation
  • Loaner provision, never spend a day without a laser
  • Laser therapy textbook
  • Mobility Kit
  • 4 year warranty


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