Hydra-Lyte - 5.76oz Packets, Box of 48


Supplemental source of nutrients for young calves, foals, and lambs. Water soluble electrolyte solution for use as an aid in the replacement of normal body fluids and electrolytes.

Ingredients:Dextrose Potassium Chloride Glycine Sodium Chloride Sodium Acetate Sodium Citrate 

  • Energy-rich with glucose to correct hypoglycemia
  • Supplies sodium acetate to correct acidosis
  • No added bicarbonate so it can be used with milk or milk replacer
  • Provides optimum electrolyte and water absorption
  • Restores normal body fluid and electrolyte balance
  • Helps reverse loss of body weight

Packaged as 5.76oz packets - 48 packets per box.

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