Vaporizer Service


We offer vaporizer service through Somni Scientific.  This program is available for all brands of most commonly used vaporizers.

Service options include turnaround service of your vaporizer, exchange service, or agent conversion. Fill out the form below to submit a request.

Turnaround service includes:

   Inspection of all components
   Cleaning and reassembly of the vaporizer
   Replacement of all O-rings, seals, and gaskets
   Multiple leak tests throughout service
   Calibration performed using state of the art laser refractometer
   Guaranteed clinical accuracy

Exchange service - You will send your vaporizer to Somni and, in return will receive a comparable vaporizer that is freshly serviced and calibrated.

Conversion service - Your vaporizer is converted to use a different inhalant agent.

Please fill out this submission form to request service and we will contact you with more details.

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