Proviable Forte KP Kits

  • Contain 15 Proviable-Forte capsules and Proviable-KP paste
  • Paste contains probiotic microorganisms, prebiotics, and additional ingredients to help firm stools
  • Paste is available in two tube sizes: 15 mL for cats & small dogs and 30 mL for medium & large dogs
  • Typically used for acute intestinal support to help normalize intestinal function

Proviable-Forte contains a source of live (viable) probiotic microorganisms. Proviable-Forte contains 7 strains of bacteria and 10 billion microorganisms per capsule. Proviable-Forte contains probiotics and prebiotics, a synbiotic approach which encourages growth of the Proviable-Forte beneficial microorganisms within the intestinal tract. Kits include capsules and KP-paste to help firm stools.

Probiotics function to:

  • Help support healthy intestinal microflora in young and adult dogs and cats
  • Activate and support the immune system
  • Help protect against antibiotic induced changes in the gut environment

Contains Prebiotics:

  • A carbohydrate food source that selectively helps encourage the growth of the Proviable-Forte probiotics within the intestinal tract.
  • Provide the nutrition necessary for colonization and growth of the probiotics.

Available in cat/small dog and medium/large dog.

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