Hug-U-Vac Positoner Pump Manual Pump


Keeping an animal patient in a secure, stable, but comfortable position for surgery/radiology is a constant challenge for veterinary clinics.

HUG-U-VAC™ positioners are heavy duty urethane pads filled with flexible beads. The patient is placed on the pad
in the position desired for surgery or imaging. Upon removal of all its air, the positioner conforms to the contours of the animal’s anatomy holding it in a comfortable and secure position.

How does it work?
The HUG-U-VAC™ is vacuum activated with either your in-line suction or our manual vacuum pump. The air is evacuated through the medical quality valve conforming the positioner securely to the animal’s anatomy. The valve locks for your patient’s safety. After surgery, open the valve and the HUG-U-VAC™ returns to its soft original shape.

HUG-U-VAC™ Positioner, Vacuum Pump

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