Summus Platinum 3 Vet Laser


The Platinum Series by Summus Medical Laser (previously known as K-Laser).

Easily and quickly build expert treatment protocols based on your patient's needs and attributes, including:

  • Species
  • Condition
  • Body region
  • Chronicity
  • Coat color
  • Weight

High internal temperature can destroy lasers, resulting in significantly reduced power output. The Platinum Series' Thermal Management System solves this with:

  • Liquid cooled, copper design for faster heat transfer
  • Closed system to manage heat consistently
  • Whisper quiet fan


  • 3 Wavelengths  Simultaneous of independent application effectively penetrates tissue for excellent results
    • 915nm enhances oxygen delivery
    • 810nm increases ATP production
    • 650nm accelerates surface healing
  • 18 Watts in CW (20 WATT ISP Peak)  High power allows you to deliver a therapeutic dose to deeper tissue in less time.
  • 1,300+ Expert Treatment Protocols  Designed and tested by Veterinarians for Veterinarians. Plus, infinite programmable custom protocols.
  • Performance Tracker App  Maximize your return on investment with this exclusive app that displays real-time data about how each of your staff members are using the laser!
  • Best-In-Class Warranty  Lifetime diode warranty and 3-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • 3 Hand Piece Lenses  Includes the 50 mm broad beam (open lens), 25 mm zoom (open lenx) and ENT lenses.
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