Companion Splint Starter Kit with Heater and 8 Assorted Splints


A fast and efficient replacement for traditional splints and casting kits.

  • Can by custom sized and easily trimmed with scissors
  • Lightweight and radiolucent
  • Clean, dry application without any mess or moisture
  • Becomes fully moldable after 3-5 minutes in the Caerus Slim Line Heater

This Caerus Splint Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 Slim Line Heater  - An efficient replacement for traditional heating methods used to customize Caerus splints and braces. Heats up to 185 degrees F and easily stored for use in-clinic or on the go.
  • Assorted Splints with Padding:
    • 2"x10" (x2) - Companion
    • 3"x12" (x2) - Companion
    • 4"x13" (x2) - Companion
    • 5"x13" (x1) - Companion
    • 3"x26" (x1) - Large
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