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Companion CTX Basic Therapy Laser


For those who are looking to take therapy laser to the next level or for the discerning buyer adding it to their practice for the first time, the CTX is a perfect fit. This rugged platform is designed with a focus on no-nonsense clinical outcomes. The CTX includes:

  • Patient Tracker, easily save & repeat treatments
  • Perfect Protocol, dosing solutions for every patient
  • SmartCoat Plus Technology, easily dose common conditions
  • Species-Specific Protocols, canine, feline, equine, exotics
  • Built-In Videos, training and client education tools
  • Manual Operation, for the expert user
  • Battery Operation, true portability
  • Intuitive Interface, simple touch-screen operation
  • Backup Fiber, to ensure uptime
  • Loaner provision, never spend a day without a laser
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